Latest Updates

  • Tripura Targets Green Energy Shift with Solar Panel Installations

    In a significant push towards renewable energy, the Tripura government has announced plans to install solar panels in all public offices across the state. This initiative aims to not only reduce reliance on conventional energy sources but also promote clean energy adoption.

  • India's Green Energy Journey: Leadership, Innovation, and Job Creation

    Under Prime Minister Modi's leadership, India has set ambitious goals, implemented progressive policies, and launched creative projects on the path to green energy leadership. With a focus on renewable energy, India intends to reach 500 GW of renewable capacity by 2030, exceeding its NDC goals and leading the worldwide transition to clean energy.

  • Tamil Nadu's Renewable Energy Initiatives

    Tamil Nadu has historically prioritized green energy measures, with the state pioneering wind energy production since 1986. The formation of the Tamil Nadu Green Energy Corporation Limited (TNGECL) intends to restore the state's leadership in renewable energy. With wind, solar, hydro, and co-generation, Tamil Nadu has a total green energy capacity of 34,700 MW, which exceeds 50% of its energy mix.

  • Plaksha University Launches Center for Clean Energy to Curb Carbon Emissions

    Plaksha University, a forward-thinking tech institution in India, has announced the launch of the Indorama Ventures Center for Clean Energy. This dedicated center marks a significant step in India's journey towards a sustainable future. With a focus on research, industry partnerships, and public awareness, the center aims to accelerate the transition to clean energy sources and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

  • India's First Green Hydrogen Plant: Hygenco

    Hydrogen plays an important role for many sectors, yet creating it from fossil fuels emits tonnes of CO2 each year. To counter this, Hygenco, a Haryana-based green hydrogen business, plans to build India's first green hydrogen plant in Maharashtra. This plant aims to produce hydrogen without emitting carbon dioxide, in accordance with India's renewable energy ambitions.

  • NexGen Energia Launches India's First Napier Grass-Compressed Biogas Plant

    NexGen Energia, a leading renewable energy company, is preparing to open one of India's first compressed biogas (CBG) plants in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh. This innovative enterprise seeks to address trash management concerns while providing a renewable energy solution that promotes environmental sustainability.

  • Solar Power Ramps Up in India: Experts Discuss New Technologies

    India's solar revolution takes a new turn with a focus on solar thermal and concentrated solar power (CSP). A recent conference brought together international experts and industry leaders to discuss these technologies and their potential to help India achieve its ambitious renewable energy goals.

  • Uttar Pradesh Aims to Become Renewable Energy Leader with Green Bond Climate Certification (GBC)

    The Ground Breaking Ceremony 4.0, announced by State Minister Nand Gopal Gupta Nandi, marks a significant milestone for Uttar Pradesh, notably in the field of renewable energy. The plan intends to establish Uttar Pradesh as a renewable energy powerhouse by introducing pumped storage power (PSP) generation.

  • IREDA and IIT Bhubneshaar sign MoU for sustainability in renewable energy

    IREDA and the Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to boost renewable energy innovation and research. The agreement, announced during IIT Bhubaneswar's 100 Cube Start-up Conclave, intends to promote collaborative research, facilitate technology transfer, and strengthen the renewable energy start-up ecosystem.

  • India Energy Week: ONGC, NGEL Commit to Offshore Wind Projects

    Essar Energy Transition (EET) Hydrogen is in the final stages of negotiations with the UK Government to develop a low-carbon hydrogen plant in Ellesmere. The plant, with an initial production capacity of 350 MW, is set to commence construction later this year. The hydrogen produced will be supplied to industrial businesses in the North West of England to aid in decarbonizing their operations, fostering economic growth, and preserving jobs.