Latest Updates

  • Dutch Project Aims to Harness Extinct Volcano's Heat for Sustainable Energy

    A pioneering project in the Dutch city of Bolsward seeks to utilize the residual warmth from the extinct Zuidwal volcano, lying deep beneath the Wadden Sea, to provide sustainable energy to local homes. Spearheaded by Stichting Ontwikkeling Geothermie Friesland (Stogef), a community initiative, the plan aims to reduce reliance on wind turbines and tap into geothermal energy for a more reliable and constant power source. With the Netherlands possessing extensive subsurface data from its history as a major gas extractor, researchers have discovered a layer of porous stone with temperatures reaching approximately 90°C, making geothermal energy an attractive option.

  • World’s first hydrogen-powered 18 wheel All-Terrain vehicle

    The Finland-based startup, 18 Wheels developing the world's first eco-friendly all-terrain vehicle (ATV). The ATV is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, which produces no emissions and is very quiet. It also has a range of over 200 miles and can be refueled in minutes.

  • Extreme weather conditions posing serious food security risks in India

    India is a major agricultural country, and its food security is essential for the country's economy and for the well-being of its people. However, climate change is posing a number of challenges to India's food security.

  • Ice growth plunges in Antarctica amidst blistering heatwaves

    Amid a summer of record heat, the consequences are far-reaching, even under the Antarctic night. In a place known for its vast sea ice halo, a dramatic and unprecedented event is unfolding. Scientists are witnessing the staggering impact as sea ice growth stalls, entering what they call "six sigma" territory - a rarity beyond comprehension.

  • Madeira Island leading the renewable energy transition

    Madeira Island, a Portuguese archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, is known for its stunning scenery, mild climate, and delicious wine. But it is also becoming a leader in renewable energy.

  • Eco-friendly flower show at Bangalore’s Lalbagh garden

    The Horticulture Department and various NGOs are joining hands to make the Independence Day flower show at Lalbagh a zero-waste event. They are committed to reducing waste generation and promoting responsible practices during the event.

  • PM Modi Asserts India's Leadership in Climate Action and Green Energy Transition at G20 Meet

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the G20 Energy Ministers' Meeting via video link, emphasizing India's leadership in climate action and its commitment to green growth and energy transition. He highlighted that India plans to achieve 50% of its installed electricity power capacity from non-fossil fuel sources by 2030, and the country has already achieved its non-fossil installed electricity capacity target ahead of schedule. India is also a global leader in solar and wind power.

  • Breakthrough innovation to convert solar power and water into hydrogen energy

    SunHydrogen company is developing a technology to convert solar power and water into hydrogen. SunHydrogen's technology uses a process called photoelectrocatalytic water splitting. This process uses sunlight to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen can then be used as fuel or stored for later use.

  • Steel industry making efforts to reduce carbon emissions

    The steel industry is one of the most carbon-intensive industries in the world, and it accounts for around 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions. However, the industry is taking steps to reduce its emissions, and there is growing momentum towards the adoption of low-carbon steelmaking technologies.

  • Round-the-clock availability of renewable energy is necessary: R.K Singh

    The Union Minister for Power and New and Renewable Energy, R. K. Singh, has said that round-the-clock availability of renewable energy is necessary for achieving net zero carbon emissions since the cost of storage is huge.