A huge chunk of ice as big as Delhi collapsed in Antarctica amidst a record heatwave

The scientists studying the temperature of Antarctica has revealed alarming news that a huge shelf of ice called the Conger Ice Shelf which is located in the coldest region of Antarctica has collapsed amidst the record heatwave in the region.


The scientists highlighted that this is the first time in history a glacier of that size has collapsed from the coldest region of  Earth. The tumbled Conger Ice shelf’s size was about 1200 square km and to get an idea about the level of impact Delhi NCR spans 1484 square kilometres. 

The temperature in the eastern region of Antarctica touched the highest mark of 12 degrees celsius which is about 40 degrees higher than normal, scientists highlighted. Scientists are presently analyzing the linkage between the unusual temperature and this natural phenomenon.

Scientists are closely studying the ice shelf that is holding back the Thwaites Glacier also known as the "Doomsday Glacier." which is expected to be collapsed in the next five years. The Totten Glacier is also a point of focus as its collapse could raise the sea level up to 3 metres which would have drastic impacts on the local wildlife.