A young environmentalist's journey to founding a water conservation NGO

Garvita Gulhati is the twenty-one year old co-founder of a charity organization called ‘Why Waste?’. Based in Bangalore she also won the 'Global Changemaker' title in 2018. It is a youth-led organization based on water conservation. It came to life after learning that 14 million liters of water is wasted in India every year just from the amount people leave in cups in restaurants.


‘Why Waste?’ is aimed at changing habits and conserving water through campaigns, workshops and petitions.

A final year engineering student at PES University, Garvitha explained how tech-based solutions can change the world. WhyWaste? has an app that allows users to track their water footprint for the day, register for different challenges with a feature like Snapchat- to maintain a streak, and compare with other users on the platform.

One can enter their data, and the app guides them through the journey of saving water. There is a facility to compare consumption levels among each other and the average with others. Every time water is saved, the app also suggests where that water can possibly be utilized, she further added.