Rising Temperature May Be The Cause of Bangladesh Floods

Bangladesh is suffering from heavy rains and severe flooding, although seasonal monsoon does bring rains but scientists believe climate change is making the situation extreme.


Swollen rivers in Bangladesh breached the banks and rushed violently in cities and villages as the country received heavy rainfall. The water from neighboring Indian state of Assam also rushed in as it was also suffering from floods. Bangladesh is considered one of the world's most climate-vulnerable countries, with a 2015 analysis by the World Bank Institute estimating about 3.5 million Bangladeshis are at risk of river flooding every year. The south asian region is heavily dependent on rainfall but it also suffers the most from rainfall.

According to scientists the monsoons in the Indian ocean region will become more erratic as temperature’s climb as hotter air can contain more moisture and can result in more torrential rainfall.

Roxy Mathew Koll, a climate scientist at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology said "Instead of having moderate rains spread out through the monsoon season, we have long dry periods intermittently with short spells of heavy rains,When it rains, it dumps all that moisture in a few hours to a few days."