Developed Countries Dodged The Climate Aid Conversation At Bonn

The Bonn climate conference has ended, without settling the demands of developing countries over climate change.

(Unsplash )

Various groups of developing countries expected financial aid from the developed nations to deal with the ‘loss and damage’ caused by climate change since last year’s COP26. Developing countries believe that the developed nations are responsible for most of the carbon emissions, and they should compensate for it. 

Developing countries on the other hand don’t want to get trapped in an agreement that will cost them billions of dollars in coming decades. The US and EU invited some flak for dodging the financial aid conversation during the conference in Bonn. 

“The EU consistently blocked discussions on finance for loss and damage in Bonn. The last two weeks exposed its hypocritical stance, with major countries like Germany sourcing new fossil fuels abroad while denying support to developing countries facing devastation from climate-induced superstorms and rising seas” said Harjeet Singh, from the Climate Action Network International.