Brazil to triple Renewable Energy as signs global climate deal

Brazil has officially joined an international accord aiming at tripling the usage of renewable energy worldwide by 2030 and lowering reliance on coal, the country's Foreign Ministry stated on Friday.


Brazil has joined a collaborative effort led by the European Union, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates.

According to sources connected with the situation, the pact, known as the "Global Renewables and Energy Efficiency Targets Pledge," has received backing from around 100 countries. According to Reuters, the goal is to have the agreement formally adopted during the United Nations COP28 climate meetings, which begin next week in Dubai.

In a letter to the Foreign Ministry of the United Arab Emirates, Brazil's embassy in Abu Dhabi expressed its full support for the accord. Brazil's Foreign Ministry acknowledged the country's decision to join the deal through a spokeswoman.

Notably, Brazil is already a leader in renewable energy, with over 80% of its electricity coming from renewable sources. Hydropower is the industry leader, and solar and wind energy have grown rapidly in the country.

Despite Brazil's current strong reliance on renewable energy, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman admitted that a threefold increase domestically may be technically impossible. He did, however, underline Brazil's sustained support for renewable energy, pointing out the country's commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

The draught of the renewable energy plan includes a commitment to "the phase down of unabated coal power." This includes halting funding for new coal-fired power facilities. According to official data, coal currently accounts for slightly more than 1% of the electrical mix in Brazil.

Furthermore, the pact commits to doubling the worldwide yearly rate of improving energy efficiency to 4% per year by 2030.