Delhi E-waste: Lowering Carbon Emissions for Sustainability Through Governance

A Supreme Court judgement brought attention to multiple instances of e-waste being burned in open spaces despite limitations, and the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has issued a warning against this practice, urging residents to follow the designated standards.


Businesses, organizations, and citizens in the NDMC area are being strongly encouraged by the council to recycle and dispose of their electronic trash in an authorized manner.

On the NDMC website, you may find an up-to-date roster of vendors who have been authorized by the DPCC or the CPCB to control pollution in Delhi. For questions about e-waste disposal, locals can get in touch with them. People can report incidents of e-waste burning by using the NDMC 311 app or by calling the toll-free number 1533.

In 2017, a collecting center was established by an NGO in response to the significant concerns voiced by officials regarding the careless disposal of electronic garbage. In order to reopen the centre, the council is trying to form partnerships with groups that have relevant expertise. The '' portal, created by the council, lets people arrange for the collection of specific electronic waste products right from their front door. Six vendors have been approved by the MCD to collect the trash, and they will be paid a set cost for their services.