Egypt's Renewable Energy Push Before COP27

Egypt is set to host COP27 this year, it is pushing to increase its investments in renewable energy sources before November’s Climate Conference. Egypt currently produces 60,000 megawatts of electricity in a year with a surplus of 15,000 megawatts.


The energy mix is skewed towards fossil fuels, Egypt is actively trying to move towards renewables which constitute only 20% of the mix. Egypt has set a target of adding 400 megawatts of renewable power in the year 2022, the current share of wind, solar and hydropower are 12%, 6% and 2% respectively. The target is to move renewable energy contribution to 42% by the year 2035.

Egypt has partnered with Norwegian energy company Santec for setting up renewable energy systems in the country, for the production of green hydrogen, it also signed a deal for the production of green ammonia for green hydrogen which is expected to produce 1 ton of ammonia a year starting 2025. 

Egypt has been able to jump 68 ranks in terms of electricity production from 145th rank to the 77th, and that success is attributed to public investments directed at upgrades and expansion in the sector. Not just production increased but also distribution enhanced.