Vodafone to introduce a special program for sustainable management of e-waste in Europe & Africa

The global telecommunications group Vodafone has announced a special program for the sustainable management of electronic waste to strengthen its environmental commitment in parts of Europe and Africa.


This initiative is a part of Vodafone’s commitment to curb its carbon & environmental footprint. According to the statement by the group, the program will offer its customers rapid assistance and repair services and an online platform will be established where users exchange their old phones. In the long term, it will encourage customers to recycle their phones and purchase refurbished smartphones.

In 2020, the Vodafone Group has set up a collection centre in Egypt for the collection, recycling and disposal of electronic waste such as obsolete computers, TVs, smartphones, etc. across the nation for safe disposal and recycling. It was part of the company’s joint initiative “e-tadweer” with the government to tackle the rising problem of e-waste.