Germany rethinking Climate Strategy after missing targets

The German government has revised climate plans after the country missed on many targets last year.


Germany’s transportation targets were at 148.1 million tons, about 3 tons above the set target of 145 tons; same with construction emissions were at 115 tons while the set target was 112 tons.

Transportation sector has been the highest emitter in Germany, the transport minister said that they are exploring ways of making the expansion of the electric vehicle ecosystem faster. Programs are being developed to ensure compliance of the transportation sector with set climate goals. The government is also investing $251 million to add more bicycle lanes, also speed limits are being set for driving on the highways. 

Germany has set a target of cutting down emissions by 65% by the year 2030, it intends to go fully carbon neutral by 2045. In 2021, the emissions had come down by 39% since pre industrial levels.