Heatwaves at Earth’s poles: A warning of climate calamity

Scientists studying climate are giving an alarm over the heatwaves recorded at the Earth’s poles.


The warnings were raised after certain places in the Antarctica region recorded temperature 40°C above the normal temperature, whereas the North Pole’s temperature was recorded 30°C higher than the normal.

A UK –based newspaper reported that the extreme rise in temperature at the poles is an indicator that human lifestyle is heavily disrupting the Earth’s climate system.

Mark Muslin, professor of earth system science at University College London, said, “Now we have recorded temperatures in the Arctic which, for me, show we have entered a new extreme phase of climate change much earlier than we had expected.”

“The models have done a good job projecting the overall warming, but we’ve argued that extreme events are exceeding model projections. These events drive home the urgency of action,” Michael Mann, director of the Earth System Science Centre at Pennsylvania State University stated.

In 2021, the IPCC on climate change had warned about the changes already occurring such as polar melt which could anytime become irreversible.