Hurricanes to hit more populated regions in future indicate new study

According to a new study published in the Journal Nature Geoscience, global climate change is going to impact the usual occurrence of natural disasters such as cyclones and hurricanes as they will hit the more populated regions in the near future and put thousands of lives under threat.


Researchers have stated that the rising global temperature will pave the way for catastrophic natural disasters like cyclones and hurricanes to form in the regions that fall under the mid-latitudes which includes New York, Beijing, Boston and Tokyo.

The research has mentioned a never seen phenomenon that the cyclones by the end of this century will likely impact the wider region than they have for three million years.

Dr Studholme, the lead author of this new study stated that the increasing global temperature will result in the formation of cyclones in the world’s most populated mid-latitude region. He further explained that as the global temperature keeps rising the difference in temperature between the equator and polar regions will decline, and this will impact the flow of the jet streams and ultimately the world will witness a major catastrophic natural disaster.

"As the climate warms, that sort of jet stream activity that happens in the middle latitude will weaken and in extreme cases split, allowing this sort of cyclone formation to occur," he added.