India’s first-ever e-waste eco-park to be set up in Delhi

Manish Sisodia, the deputy chief minister of Delhi announced that the cabinet has decided to set up an e-waste eco-park in the capital to dismantle, segregate, recycle and manage the electronic waste. Addressing the press briefing, Sisodia said that Delhi generates around 2 lakh tonnes of e-waste every year, but it is handled by recyclers in the informal sector. At the eco-park, this waste is likely to be recycled in a secure method in the 20 acres of land.


According to the information disseminated by the Delhi government, the park will also have a market for selling refurbished electronic goods such as laptops, mobiles, chargers, batteries, desktops etc. The eco-park will also provide training & essential tools to the people in the informal sector to help them in making as formal recyclers. “Cooperation with the informal sector will help to ensure availability of e-waste for processing in the formal sector and will contribute to making the formal units economically viable,” the statement reads. The established park will accommodate recyclers, refurbishers, and dismantlers within the premises and the waste such as reusable plastic, metals like copper, silver, gold and aluminium extracted from the waste will be transferred to the production line for processing.