Julie Alice Chappell: Crafting Beautiful Art from E-Waste

Hey there, young minds! Ready to dive into a cool adventure about art and recycling? Well, you're in for a treat because we're about to introduce you to an incredible artist named Julie Alice Chappell. Julie lives in Portsmouth, a nice place in the United Kingdom. Her canvas isn’t the traditional one you might expect. Instead, Julie brings old and boring stuff to life – the insides of our thrown-away gadgets. Her work is a mesmerizing blend of art, a love for the environment, and a deep appreciation for the beauty hidden within our everyday devices.

Beautiful art from e-waste(Julie alice chappell)

A Magical Journey

Julie's journey began several years ago when she came across a big box of tiny electronic parts at the Beneficial Foundation in Portsmouth. This unique establishment, fondly known as the "The Craft Bank," is like a treasure chest where companies put things they don't need anymore. These things are then shared with schools, community groups, and artists like Julie. When Julie looked at all those tiny e-waste bits, she had a fantastic idea. She saw wires and pieces that looked like tiny ants! So, she took some of them home to her kids, and they had a great time making little ant sculptures.

Time Flies and a New Adventure

A bunch of years passed, and Julie found that box of e-waste again. This time, she was pursuing a Fine Arts degree. While studying, she learned that she could use discarded objects in her art. That was a game-changer for her. 

During one of her workshops, she met some young artists who were building big robots using e-waste such as circuit boards from old computers. But they gave up on their project, and Julie couldn't stop thinking about those cool computer pieces. They were like little works of art all on their own, with their shiny colours and intricate designs.

One day, while watching a nature show about bugs and insects, Julie thought about the "ants" she made with her kids and those computer pieces. It was like a light bulb went off in her head! She realized that she could use this e-waste to make sculptures of all kinds of bugs and insects.

She started creating a special series of artwork called "Computer Component Bugs." These sculptures are not just pretty to look at; they tell an important story. You see, Julie cares a lot about our planet, and she wanted to show everyone how we can reuse and recycle things to help the Earth.

Art That Talks About Nature and Technology

Julie's art is like a bridge between two worlds. One is the natural world of bugs and sea creatures, and the other is the super cool world of human-made technology. She uses old computer parts and circuit boards to make her sculptures. These are like the hidden parts inside our gadgets that we never see. They're full of tiny, shiny, and colourful details.

Here's the amazing part: Julie takes these pieces and turns them into beautiful sculptures. They don't work like gadgets anymore, but they become works of art. They're like robot butterflies or computer beetles. She even adds extra special things like sparkly jewels to make them extra pretty!

Saving the Planet through Art

Julie's art is not just about making cool bug sculptures. Her art makes e-waste come alive and tells us something important. It shows that we often have too much stuff and throw things away too quickly. This is really bad for the environment. Julie's art isn't just nice to look at; it also tells us that the Earth is a wonderful place, full of amazing creatures and cool technology. When we use things wisely and recycle, we help protect our planet.


Julie's art journey took her all the way to California, where she exhibited her work. She had a fantastic time meeting local school children who recreated their versions of her Circuit Board Insects. Julie also had a proud moment when her art was featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not, Children's Scholastic Annual 2017.

Join the Adventure

Julie Alice Chappell's art is like a magical journey that invites us all to explore, imagine, and help our planet. It teaches us that there's beauty all around us, even in old gadgets we no longer need. So, next time you see a broken computer or an old electronic gadget, remember Julie's story. It might just inspire you to see the hidden treasures and beauty in the things we might otherwise toss away.

Together, we can follow in Julie's footsteps and make our world a better place, one piece of e-waste at a time. And remember, just like Julie, you have the power to create something wonderful and make a difference in the world!

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