Kerala witnessed a 1.67-degree celsius rise during the past century reveals a new report

A new report published by the Institute for Climate Change Studies (ICCS) under the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment highlighted that Kerala warmed up by 1.67 degrees celsius from 1901 to 2021.


The report titled the State of Climate for Kerala-2021 is India’s first-ever state-level report released by the CM Pinarayi Vijayan. The researchers recorded data from 14 districts and found the increasing temperature as constant due to human-induced activities. Last year was reported to be the hottest year since 1901  and between 2001 to 2021 the state’s temperature reached a record high making it the warmest decade. 

Kerala is highly prone to rainfall but during the past decade, the state’s average rainfall has decreased by 10%. The climate experts have highlighted that the decline in the rainfall has affected the paddy & spice cultivation also the fishing activities in these 14 districts.