Ladakh to have roads made from plastic waste

In an attempt to mitigate the plastic waste in the Himalayan region the administration of Ladakh has decided to build roads from the plastic waste. The officials reported that they are planning to develop at least 10% of the roads from the environment-friendly method.


The initiation of the project has already begun as the Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) recently organized a training session for the local engineers to make them aware of the method and process. The officials also affirmed that the legal formalities for the manufacturing of the roads from plastic waste are also completed. 

The Administrative Secretary of the PWD Department of Ladakh has also passed an order to mandate the use of plastic waste in the construction of roads in Ladakh. The official order informs that “to find a sustainable solution to the nuisance of plastic waste in Ladakh, all the bituminous roads in Ladakh shall contain at least 10% of plastic waste including plastic bottles, containers etc”.