Melting Tibetan glaciers could give birth to a new virus outbreak

A recent study published in the Journal Nature Biotechnology revealed some alerting facts that highlight the melting of Tibetan glaciers could release microbes in nature that could spark a possibility of a new deadly pandemic like COVID.


A Chinese Academy of Sciences researchers studied ice samples from 21 Tibetan glaciers from 2010 to 2016. In the research, they found about 1,000 species of bacteria and among those 90% have never been discovered before. Researchers expressed their concern and highlighted that if these bacteria get released may give birth to new diseases and outbreaks. These bacterias and viruses are dangerous because they could infect both humans and animals. 

The melting glaciers are increasing the sea level and the microbes could travel to the populated regions through these water resources and could create havoc. Tibetan region contributes to the major river flows into India and China which are the top most populated countries in the world poses a risk of a deadly health outbreak. Another study published in April by researchers from Georgetown University in the journal Nature revealed that at least 10,000 virus species have the capability to infect humans.