Noida Collects 6300kg E-Waste

Two companies have collected almost 6300kg of E-Waste in Noida since January this year.


In December last year the Noida Authority had signed an MoU with two companies to collect door-to-door E-Waste. Two vans, equipped with electric balance, fire retardant and oil absorbent floor go around the city collecting E-waste for safe disposal. Most of the waste products are home appliances, old mobile phones and computers etc. According to the Noida Authority principal manager the two agencies have collected 6,382 kg of e-waste since January. Of this, they collected 3,914 kg e-waste between January and May and the remaining 2468 kg in the past 40 days, accounting for nearly 39% of the total e-waste collected.

Earlier Noida Authority had planned and set up e-waste bins for collections, which never gathered any waste so they went for a door-to-door collection method.

“The process of the collection has been made easy now. All Noida residents have to do is contact any of these companies on their toll-free number and give e-waste to them. In return, the authority will pay the seller an amount fixed for different categories of e-waste,” said Rajiv Tyagi, principal manager Noida Authority.