VMC organised an awareness drive for the safe disposal of E-waste

In an attempt to sensitise citizens about the importance of safe disposal of electronic waste Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) organised an awareness drive at IGMC Stadium. The Vijaywada Civic body recently launched a waste processing unit for the safe disposal of electronic waste and flower waste.


The Corporation announced that they have partnered with Green Waves Environmental Solutions which will collect and properly dispose of discarded batteries, earphones, mobile phones and other electronic waste generated by schools, colleges and corporates as they can be harmful to public health. 

During the awareness drive, the NTR collector S Dilli Rao highlighted that this initiative is aimed at creating awareness among citizens about the harmful impacts of unsafe disposal of e-waste. He further added that the Vijaywada civic body is dedicated to “transforming Vijayawada into a model city”.