PEHEL 2023: Campaign To Raise Plastic & E-Waste Awareness

A campaign to raise awareness and collect plastic and e-waste called PEHEL 2023 is being launched by the Pune Municipal Corporation and social organizations. The program is a part of the yearly Sant Gadge Baba Jayanti Swachhta Week celebration.

In order to protect the environment, PEHEL 2023 wants to support responsible e-waste and plastic trash management in Pune.

Registration & Participation

Registration as collection centers and participation in the program is recommended for schools, universities, commercial establishments, residential housing societies, public areas, and corporate businesses.

Businesses interested in becoming collecting centers can fill out a Google form by going to the following link: On February 26, 2023, during Swachhta Week, the PEHEL 2023 campaign will take place.

"Each year, Swachhta Week is commemorated in honor of Saint Gadge Baba Jayanti and has a variety of events organized by the Pune Municipal Corporation and the city's social groups. One of these programs is PEHEL-2023, which entails city-level awareness and collection efforts for plastic and e-waste, according to Rajesh Manerikar of the Poornam EcoVision Foundation.

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