'Pothole puja' performed by Bengaluru residents to seek administration's attention

Bangalore residents found a way to attract the attention of city administration. Residents of Bangalore performed pothole puja, after planting paddy and boating on the roads to seek the attention of the administration towards the pothole-ridden roads of Bengaluru. They performed the prayer to protect the lives of people.

(Pixabay )

Bharathi Nagar Residents on Charles Campbell Road performed a special pooja and yagna. The road has been a constant threat already with about 100 of them, but with excessive rains, its surface has also started breaking. Long-time residents of the area claimed that they have struggled in getting the civic amenities to asphalt the road but to no success. Road potholes are a bigger problem than they appear to be. Not only are they a major accident hazard and unsightly scene but they are a precursor of vehicular traffic and thus leading to more emissions. People in many other areas have been complaining about the pothole problem. According to the residents, the last repair work had been done five years back, which was not effective and it withered soon. They have been protesting in various ways for a while and are now coming up with such public displays and other ways of agitation to get the problem fixed.