Solar Power Ramps Up in India: Experts Discuss New Technologies

India's solar revolution takes a new turn with a focus on solar thermal and concentrated solar power (CSP). A recent conference brought together international experts and industry leaders to discuss these technologies and their potential to help India achieve its ambitious renewable energy goals.


Solar power is crucial in combating climate change, and India aims for 500 GW of solar capacity by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2070. Traditional solar panels have limitations, while solar thermal and CSP offer advantages like longer energy storage and dispatchable power, meaning they can generate electricity when needed.

Experts from around the world shared their experiences and discussed the financial viability of these technologies. A special session focused on a proposed tender for combining CSP with other renewables to provide reliable power.

The conference continues with discussions on integrating these technologies into India's energy sector. This could be a significant step forward in India's clean energy journey.