UK's Ambitions 10GW Green Hydrogen Project

“We will aim to double our ambition to up to 10GW of low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030, with at least half coming from green hydrogen and utilizing excess offshore wind power to bring down costs,” said the statement.


But the details of this ambitious project are not very clear. If 5GW of Green Hydrogen is produced, there will still be 5GW left to fulfill the target. Pink hydrogen which is produced through nuclear power is probably not possible and if it were in pipelines the government would have mentioned it in the statements. Turquoise hydrogen is an option but that uses natural gas and using expensive natural gas while trying to reduce dependence on Russian supply is not very smart. Next is Blue hydrogen which is manufactured through carbon capture, it is then turned into methane, the process is very inefficient and still emits a lot of carbon. There are other ways of capturing carbon but they have not been demonstrated to work at scale and are prohibitively expensive. 

Green hydrogen is as green as the energy source it is using to power the plants in this case the government is saying it’ll use offshore wind power which will also be very expensive.