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From IOC to Reliance: India's ambitious hydrogen push gains currency

Green hydrogen is seen to be the next thing in the sustainability revolution. Indian companies are rushing for the production of hydrogen and making their equipment hydrogen friendly. Private players like Reliance Industries and Adani are also moving in the direction of hydrogen manufacturing. Large amount of capital investment and change in government policy has resulted in several PSUs rushing to procure the technology necessary for proliferation of green hydrogen and setting up electrolysers, these include GAIL, IOCL, NTPC.

India’s Quest for Green Hydrogen.

India’s northern plains are home to the most polluted cities on the planet, with 13 of them making it to the top 15 most polluted cities in the world. India’s vehicular pollution added more than 300 million tons of CO2 to the atmosphere and it is only going to increase if the country doesn’t take drastic steps towards green sources of energy like green hydrogen . The steel industry heavily relies on fossil fuel for heating iron making furnaces 50% of the heating furnaces in Indian coal industry is coal, it resulted in more than 240 tons of carbon dioxide in the last year which is 12% of India’s carbon emission. There is an industry wide consensus that the use of green hydrogen can drastically improve the efficiency and the state of carbon emissions of the steel industry.

L&T joint venture for hydrogen electrolyzer technology to push green hydrogen plans

Larsen & Tourbo (L&T) has agreed a contract with Norway-based electrolyzer technology HydrogenPro AS to establish a manufacturing unit in India that focuses to tap possibilities in green hydrogen space in the nation and other geographies, the Indian engineering major stated in a statement on January 27.

UK's Ambitions 10GW Green Hydrogen Project

“We will aim to double our ambition to up to 10GW of low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030, with at least half coming from green hydrogen and utilizing excess offshore wind power to bring down costs,” said the statement.

MOL group and Plug Power joint venture for green hydrogen production

MOL group, an international integrated oil and gas & petrochemical consumer retails company of Hungary which has come together with Plug Power, a leading supplier of turnkey hydrogen solutions to establish one of Europe’s largest green hydrogen production facilities at the MOL’s refinery in Danube, Szazhalombatta.

NTPC and Gujarat Gas joint venture to blend Green hydrogen with piped natural gas

NTPC and Gujarat Gas Ltd. have come together for the initiative of blending green hydrogen with piped natural gas which would be supplied by Gujarat Gas Ltd.

India to launch National Green Hydrogen Mission in 2 months

The central government has announced that they are going to announce a National level Green Hydrogen mission in the nation to promote the green hydrogen policy finalized in the month of February this year.

Green Hydrogen – India’s hope to solve its transportation problem

In March 2022, Nitin Gadkari (Minister for Road Transport & Highways, GoI) went viral on Twitter when he arrived at the parliament in a green hydrogen-powered car – the Toyota Mirai. In Japanese, the word Mirai means future; it is one of the few cars developed that run on hydrogen-powered fuel cells. The minister’s drive to the parliament was to raise awareness about India’s vision to replace coal and petrol with green hydrogen.

A zero waste pledge by GE's renewable's wind turbine production blade production

UK's renewable energy giant, GE’s renewable announced on Tuesday about its plan to manufacture zero waste wind turbine blades. By the year 2030, this will make it the latest operator to develop more sustainable production processes in the sector. The initiative is called ZEBRA, or Zero Waste Blade Research project, which aims to design and manufacture completely recyclable wind turbine blades.

Nitin Gadkari's Green Hydrogen Dream

Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari spoke about his dream of making India the hub of Green Hydrogen in the future and diversifying the automobile market towards ethanol and Green Hydrogen.

India to have new energy, tech companies as big as RIL in next two decades: Mukesh Ambani

Speaking at ‘Asia Economic Dialogue 2022’, Ambani said that India’s clean green energy sector has the potential of half a trillion dollars of export in the next 20 years.

Indian Power Ministry notifies Green Hydrogen policy.

Conversation around Green Hydrogen policy began from last year’s independence day speech of the PM, and now the Indian power ministry has put out its green hydrogen policy. While addressing the nation on August 15, 2021, Mr Modi announced that the green hydrogen policy would be rolled out across the nation, which is part of the mission to cut down India's greenhouse gas emissions. It is aimed towards meeting the

South Korea to supply 27.9 million tons of clean hydrogen by 2050.

The South Korean government will supply 27.9 million tons of hydrogen annually as 100 percent clean hydrogen by 2050. The ‘1st Basic Hydrogen Economy Implement Plan’ was announced by the government in November last year. The government is planning to convert already existing hydrogen plants to clean hydrogen plants, aiming to produce 750,000 tons of green hydrogen by 2030 and 2 million tons by 2050.

Egypt to present a new green hydrogen strategy at the COP27 summit

Egypt will present a new energy strategy for green hydrogen at the climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh in November this year. This could strengthen Egypt's geopolitical position. Along with this, the economy of the country will also be strengthened.

Green Hydrogen Industry Emerging Worth Billions

In an effort to reduce emissions and establish itself as a major exporter in the field of green hydrogen business, India is preparing a $2 billion incentive program, three sources told Reuters.

Uttar Pradesh to invest 1 lakh Crore in green energy projects

Uttar Pradesh is launching a green energy strategy with a 1 lakh crore investment for approximately 125 clean energy projects.

Whiskey Waste to Green Fuel: Indian-Led Team Turns Draff into Sustainable Green Fuel

A team of scientists, including an Indian-origin researcher, at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh has achieved a groundbreaking feat: producing "green petrol" from whiskey waste.

India's Budget 2024: A Green Energy Boost for a Cleaner Future

India is gearing up for an important change in how it generates and consumes energy, and the government intends to make significant changes in the next Budget for 2024.

Leaders talk about tackling climate challenges and rebuilding trust at Davos meet

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is having its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, where leaders are debating critical topics, with a special focus on climate change.

Green hydrogen, a solution for zero carbon future

Gautam Adani, chairman of Adani Group, feels that green hydrogen is a critical tackle for a sustainable and zero-carbon future, particularly in countries such as India.