India to launch National Green Hydrogen Mission in 2 months

The central government has announced that they are going to announce a National level Green Hydrogen mission in the nation to promote the green hydrogen policy finalized in the month of February this year.


As per the statement issued by the officials, the national mission will put emphasis on the purchase of green hydrogen in fertilizer production and petroleum refining. It is also highlighted that the sectors will be asked to initiate the use of green hydrogen on a voluntary basis and a full-fledged plan to mandate the use of hydrogen in the production of fertilizer and petrochemicals will be employed.

In February the centre launched the green hydrogen policy to promote green hydrogen and green ammonia and also to facilitate the storage of green power. A green power producer can store the generated energy with an electricity distribution company for up to 30 days. Green hydrogen is generated by breaking down water in an electrolyzer. Over the next decade, the government plans to add 175 GW of green hydrogen-based energy.

Rohit Ahuja, head of research and outreach, ICRA highlighted that the plan is ambitious to boost the green hydrogen production in India but that would require the cost of green hydrogen to go down. “This would be possible by facilitating cheaper and mass production of electrolyzers”, he further added.