South Korea to supply 27.9 million tons of clean hydrogen by 2050.

The South Korean government will supply 27.9 million tons of hydrogen annually as 100 percent clean hydrogen by 2050. The ‘1st Basic Hydrogen Economy Implement Plan’ was announced by the government in November last year. The government is planning to convert already existing hydrogen plants to clean hydrogen plants, aiming to produce 750,000 tons of green hydrogen by 2030 and 2 million tons by 2050.

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Also, for export, the government has proposed to set up an international hydrogen exchange and establish a clean hydrogen verification and certification system with hydrogen-producing countries to ensure authenticity and quality.

The country is encouraging the use of hydrogen over fossil-based fuel sources. Especially carbon-intensive industries like steel, cement, and petroleum. By 2050 it aims to replace a major chunk of oil consumption in energy consumption and power generation sectors with hydrogen, it is building hydrogen pipelines and aims to build more than 2000 hydrogen charging stations by 2050 to facilitate this switch to a sustainable source of energy.