World’s first patient affected by ‘climate change’ in Canada

A patient in Canada’s British Columbia has been diagnosed with breathing trouble as a consequence of “climate change”, probably the first such case recorded till date. The person was struggling to breathe ever since the recent wildfires occured in Kootenays, which worsened her asthma according to the Canada’s Times Colonist newspaper. Over 1,600 wildfires have occurred in the Kootenays region of British Columbia this year.


DoctorS at the Kootenay Lake Hospital, claim to have seen numerous cases where the increased heat wave worsened existing health issues like diabetes, heart problems, and so on.

But death or severe illness due to heat waves or air pollution is a struggle.

However, there has been a considerable rise in the number of deaths since the extreme heat wave, which had occurred while the Pandemic too, was at full swing. To analyze the root cause behind people's worsening health with the changing environmental conditions, a team of doctors named the Doctors and Nurses for Planetary Health is working to establish a more direct link between their patients’ health and climate change.

The link between public health and the climate crisis has been a topic of discussion at the COP26 summit in Glasgow. The climate meet has seen world leaders and technological corporations come together to strengthen a global solution to climate change.