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  • Sustainable Reverse Supply Chain Creation Requires An “E-Waste Policy”

    The Lions Club International and Primus Partners report, titled "The Growing Impact of E-Waste in India," recommended rewarding producers and businesses for providing training programs and certifications to participants in the unofficial sector who take on the duty of fixing, recycling, and reselling electronic products.

  • "Dump and Donate" Nationwide E-Waste Collection Drive

    In India, a nationwide initiative "Dump and Donate" to collect e-waste from 120 communities has been started on Tuesday. The initiative is estimated to last for one month.

  • Earthful Foundation E-Waste Collection Campaign Initiative In Guwahati

    An awareness-building and collection campaign for electronic waste will be held in Guwahati from January 4–12, 2023, in collaboration with WWF-India Assam State Office. When electronic equipment breaks down, they turn into E-waste and contribute to the expanding global problem.

  • Lions Clubs International To Address E-Waste Crisis Across India

    An increasing global environmental and public health concern is e-waste or electronic garbage. When discarded improperly, electronics like phones, batteries, and laptops can contain toxic elements and cause pollution of the land, air, and water.

  • Nandan Mall: Hulladek Create A Better Future By Recycling It

    In order to collect electronic waste from doorsteps and recycle it for a greener tomorrow, Nandan Mall, a young man from Kolkata, has launched a novel initiative called Hulladek. The slogan "Hungry for Waste" for Hulladek gives some indication of the language it is based on. Hulladek, a project named after the Hungarian word for "waste," is attempting to raise awareness of the fact that electronics may be put to many different uses when their useful life is ended in twenty different Indian states.

  • Orchids The International School launches E-Waste Collection Drive

    Orchids the International School (OIS), one of India's top K–12 school chains, has begun a mission to collect e-waste throughout the institution. The school network has teamed up with Z Enviro Industries Pvt Ltd to educate students about the e-waste management process and how they can help identify e-waste goods and contribute to the recycling of e-waste by comprehending the segregation process and disposal.

  • Smartphone E-Waste Major Concern As OEMs Lack Balance

    In terms of the three main phases of the smartphone circular economy—production, use, and end of life—Apple leads the market for smartphones in terms of overall sustainability, followed by Samsung. When it comes to used inventory or mobile e-waste, though, there is a lot that has to be done.

  • Karnataka Considering New Law To Address Growing E-Waste Problem

    Anand Singh, the Minister of Tourism, Environment, and Ecology, gave the Legislative Council his word that the State Government will seriously explore enacting a new law to address the growing problem of e-waste in Karnataka.

  • Lions Club International Tackles The Challenge Of E-Waste Disposal

    Today, Lions Clubs International stated that it had set up close to 10,000 Clubs around the nation, with close to 300,000 volunteers and members, to address the difficulties posed by e-waste in the nation. Used phones, batteries, laptops, and other electronic equipment laying around our homes are considered e-waste and can be dangerous if improperly disposed of as they contain toxic materials.

  • Survey Finds 83 Percent of Indians Want "End of Life" Policy to Be Mandatory

    According to a Local Circles survey, 83% of household consumers would prefer that an upfront "End of Life Service Date" declaration become law for all expensive serviceable items including cars, appliances, and gadgets.