Latest Updates

  • Solar Cables: Powering India's Renewable Energy Ambition

    India's ambitious renewable energy goals rely heavily on solar power. But it's not just the panels that matter. High-quality solar cables are the crucial lifelines that efficiently transport this clean energy throughout the system. Their performance directly impacts the success of India's green push.

  • Gujarat Takes Aim at Rural Progress with 16 New Smart Villages

    In a significant move towards rural development, the Gujarat government has designated 16 villages across five districts as "Smart Villages." This initiative aligns with Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel's vision of harnessing technology and innovation to uplift rural communities.

  • Assam Downtown University Hosts International Conference on Sustainable Development

    Guwahati, India witnessed a crucial discussion on sustainability with the International Conference on Advances in Sustainable Development, Innovation, and Green Technology (ICAS-DIGT-2024), held at Assam Downtown University. The conference, which commenced on Monday, brought together experts, researchers, and students from across the globe to explore advancements in sustainable practices and green technologies.

  • Tamil Nadu Announces Manjapai Awards to Recognize Plastic-Free Efforts

    The Tamil Nadu government has announced the Manjapai Awards, which will recognize schools, colleges, and businesses that are plastic-free. The awards were announced by Environment and Climate Change Minister Meiyanathan during the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly session.

  • Repurposing Seafood Scraps: Turning Waste into Sustainable Profits

    Seafood waste poses a significant environmental challenge, often dumped into landfills or oceans, leading to pollution and ecological harm. However, researchers at the University of Connecticut offer a promising solution: transforming this waste into valuable new products.

  • NIT Calicut Develops 'Mother Earth-Friendly' Concrete, Paving the Way for Sustainable Construction

    A groundbreaking innovation by the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Calicut has resulted in an eco-friendly concrete formula, aptly named "Mother Earth-Friendly Concrete." This revolutionary material addresses the environmental concerns associated with traditional concrete production, offering a more sustainable alternative for the construction industry.

  • Samsung's Eco-Friendly Step Towards Sustainable Tech

    Samsung has collaborated with accessory maker Slash B Slash to launch a new line of eco-friendly accessories for its Galaxy series, including the current Galaxy S24. These accessories, which contain over 40% post-consumer material (PCM) such as recycled plastic and vegan leather, demonstrate Samsung's dedication to sustainability.

  • Ekobae Transforms to be Eco-friendly Business with Woman Artistry

    Surbhi Manocha Choudhary, the founder of the Bharat Ki Beti Foundation, is an inspiration because she is committed to women's health and empowerment. Her charity works on important issues such as menstruation hygiene, mental health, nutrition education, financial literacy, and women's inclusion. She also founded Ekobae, an eco-friendly firm that sells handcrafted things manufactured by women in order to financially empower them.

  • Jammu Sanskriti School Hosts Inaugural Global Sustainability Fest

    Jammu Sanskriti School in Jammu hosted a pioneering Global Sustainability Fest to encourage action towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event, which was attended by kids, educators, community leaders, and sustainability specialists, promoted debate and collaboration on global issues.

  • Goa's Ambitious Plan for Wind Energy Expansion

    The Goa administration has launched on a drive to position itself as a wind electricity generation hub by launching 100MW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine projects around the state. The Goa Energy Development Agency (GEDA) has issued an Expression of Interest (EOI) to manufacturers and developers interested in establishing wind power plants in Goa using vertical axis wind turbines.