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  • BMC forms a special committee to control air pollution in Mumbai

    A seven-member group chaired by Additional Municipal Commissioner (Western Suburbs) Dr Sanjeev Kumar has been formed to address air pollution in Mumbai. Dust control measures will be aggressively enforced in the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) jurisdiction from April 1, 2023, and offenders will face severe penalties.

  • The West despite being blanketed in snow, its water problems are far from over yet

    Over a week, nearly 12 feet of snow fell in parts of the central Sierra Nevada. The Brighton ski resort website in Utah put it succinctly: "Best. Season. Ever." Last week, rare blizzard warnings were issued in Southern California.

  • A new innovation for removing CO2 from the atmosphere seems like the future

    Scientists have proposed a new method for sucking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in the sea. According to the authors, this novel approach captures CO2 from the atmosphere up to three times more efficiently than existing methods. The warming gas can be converted into bicarbonate of soda and safely and cheaply stored in seawater.

  • Two Indian cities vulnerable to climate change

    According to the study, global warming is a major cause of the sea-level rise, and Chennai and Kolkata are particularly vulnerable in India.

  • Innovative tech to tackle carbon emission wins award

    A unique technique developed in conjunction with Vikarsh Nanotechnology and Research and the dean of the research and development department of the College of Engineering (CoEP) Technological University was honoured in New Delhi. Sonam Wangchuk, an education reformer and inventor, bestowed the title 'Elecrama 2023' on it.

  • Venice canals drying up due to low tide and lack of rainfall

    After last summer's catastrophe, weeks of dry winter weather have sparked fears that Italy would suffer another drought, with the Alps receiving less than half of their average snowfall, according to experts and environmental organizations.

  • Pune-based firm developing sustainable solutions for a low-carbon economy

    Praj Industries' Founding Chairman Dr Pramod Chaudhari stated that the firm is producing sustainable solutions in the form of Renewable Chemicals and Materials (RCM) in the quest for a low-carbon economy.

  • India on top among G20 countries in climate change action, a new study reveals

    According to an Observer Research Foundation assessment on climate change mitigation among the Group of 20 countries, India and Italy are leading the race, followed by Indonesia and the United Kingdom.

  • 9 Indian states among the top 50 climate-vulnerable regions in the globe

    According to a new study announced on February 20, nine of the 50 places in the globe experiencing significant climate risk to a weak physical infrastructure are in India. Bihar (22nd), Uttar Pradesh (25th), Assam (28th), Rajasthan (32nd), Tamil Nadu (36th), Maharashtra (38th), Gujarat (48th), Punjab (50th), and Kerala (52nd) are among the most susceptible in the country, with the index indicating that Mumbai, the country's financial hub, is also at danger.

  • Cyclone Gabrielle Forces New Zealand To Declares National Emergency

    It was only the third time in history that the New Zealand government declared a national state of emergency owing to the storm's devastation .Once before, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and after the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, has New Zealand issued a national state of emergency. The calamity, according to Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, is the largest meteorological event to affect New Zealand in a century. At least 225,000 people, according to officials, were without electricity on Tuesday.