Latest Updates

  • Rising Methane Emissions

    Global methane emissions increased last year by the largest amount since humans started measuring greenhouse gasses, a new government report said. Carbon dioxide can remain in the atmosphere for centuries, methane only lasts for roughly 9 years.

  • Pune to have electric garbage-collecting vehicles soon

    In an attempt to lower vehicular carbon emissions, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) announced that they are planning to equip electric-powered vehicles to collect the city’s household waste. The decision came after the appeal from Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) to phase out petrol & diesel vehicles in order to lower the dependency on fossil fuels.

  • Egypt allocates SC Zone for the production of Green Hydrogen

    Egypt’s Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly had a discussion with Franz Timmermans, Deputy Executive President of the European Commission on Climate Change Issues, in Cairo on Sunday. The meeting was part of the ongoing preparations for the upcoming climate change conference (COP27) to be held in Cairo later this year.

  • Upcycling: Capturing and Reusing Carbon

    All the carbon that industries produce ends up being pumped into the atmosphere, so some corporations decided to recycle the CO2, it is called Upcycling. The idea is to use the emitted carbon to produce something that can be sold or used.

  • The Trajectory of Carbon Emissions

    In the year 2015, world leaders signed the Paris Climate agreement, promising collaborative effort from all nations to curb carbon emissions. Four years later, in 2019; global carbon dioxide emissions hit an all time high–of more than 35 giga tonnes.

  • Cairo to have eco-friendly lanterns this Eid

    The Egyptian authorities have announced that this Eid there will be an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional lanterns as they are environmentally harmful.

  • Himalayan glaciers are melting at an alarming rate

    The Ministry of Earth & Sciences (MoES) has reported that the glaciers in the Himalayan region are melting faster than expected. A study carried out by the (MoES) through National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR) has highlighted the recorded data of six glaciers in the Chandra basin in the western Himalayas since 2013.

  • Earth Overshoot Day shifts back to July 29

    According to a report of the Global Footprint Network (GFN), humanity has yet again made use of all the biological resources that the planet Earth regenerates all along a year.

  • IPPC to release its latest climate change report today

    IPCC is all set to release its third climate change report today. This will be the third publication from the IPCC and this key report will highlight the mitigation aspect as they have already highlighted the causes and impacts of climate change in their first and second publications.

  • Some Forests Are Becoming Sources of Carbon

    In a recent study, it has been found that the cooling effect forests and trees have on the planet are a result of a much more complex process than just carbon sequestration. The tropical forests store one third of the world's carbon, but apart from that they are also large containers of moisture, they keep their surroundings cool, they create more clouds which apart from giving rain provide cover from Sun’s heat radiation.