Adidas introduced ‘FutureCraft’ low-carbon sports shoes

Adidas and Allbirds’ low-carbon training shoes introduced last year are now available for the customers and can be availed from Adidas’ select retail stores and website.


Both the retailers teamed up together and released their collaborative low-carbon ‘Futurecraft Footprint’ training shoes having a carbon footprint of 2.9 kg of Carbon emission per pair making them the world’s lowest-carbon trainers with an aim to contribute to climate change action. 

As per the statement released by both the brands, average trainers emits about 13.6 kg of carbon when adding up the manufacturing, packaging, transportation and ‘FutureCraft’ shoes have been designed to cut the emissions as they have fewer components and are light-weight than usual trainers. 

The materials used in the manufacturing are only natural and eco-friendly such as sugarcane-based sweet foam for internal cushioning but there is no compromise in the quality as they are as durable as their traditional products. The partner firm Allbirds has been functioning in a sustainable way by using superfine merino wool, sugarcane and other natural components in manufacturing their footwear and planning to cut pre-production carbon emissions by 95% by 2030.

While highlighting the need for positive changes to move towards the net-zero target Brian Grevy, executive board member of global brands, Adidas said, "We wanted to demonstrate how collaboration and an open-source mindset can create a halo effect across the industry and help make progress towards net zero."