Australia records the hottest day as the temperature hits the 50.7C mark

A remote coastal town in Australia, Onslow has reported its hottest day on record in 62 years as the temperature hits the 50.7C mark. The record temperature equals the highest temperature reported in 1962 in South Australia.


The local weather reports highlighted that the average annual temperature during this time of the year is usually 36.5C but the region is experiencing severe heatwaves after western Australia witnessed reported major bushfires last month. Luke Huntington from the Bureau of Meteorology said that a build-up of hot air in the regions has been caused by a lack of thunderstorms this season.

As per the report from the EU’s satellite system, the last seven years were the warmest years of the planet on record. The global temperature has already reached the 1.2C mark and heatwaves are becoming common and have been affecting humankind more than ever. The world will keep on witnessing such drastic climate events if the human-induced activities contributing to carbon emissions and climate change will not see a decline, the report adds.