COP27 will focus on the implementation of climate action targets

The Egyptian Foreign Affairs Minister on Sunday released a statement highlighting that this year’s climate change conference (COP27) will focus on the implementation of the climate change targets. The President Designate of COP27 further highlighted that the previous year’s COP27 addressed the gaps in the climate action goals of the Paris Agreement and nations agreed to bridge them. Hence, COP27’s main goal must be to deliver on the targets.


Recently, the Environment Minister, Yasmin Fouad, emphasised the urgency to meet the $100 billion dollar goal agreed by the developed nations to boost the climate action strategies of the weaker economies. He also stated that the agendas that will be discussed during the unofficial days of COP27 include energy, reduction of carbon emissions, water management, adaptation, climate finance, and gender equality.

In order to set a good example, the Egyptian government has announced that they are planning to make the host city, Sharm el-Sheikh a green city. In a bid to achieve the same, the Environment Ministry announced that the whole road transportation system will be electrified and all the hotels in the city will run on solar energy.