Germany commits Rs 10,025 crore, to India to battle climate change

Germany has announced that it will provide Euro 1.2 billion (INR 10,025 crore) to support India to combat the climate crisis and to boost the cooperation between the two nations on clean energy.


The announcement was made amid the recent visit of the delegation from the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development. A statement released by Germany said the focus of the financial commitment to India will be to tackle climate change and assist in the country’s ongoing energy transition.

At a press briefing, German Ambassador to India Walter Lindner highlighted the Indo-german relations in tackling climate change & said, "Without Indians, you cannot solve any big world problems, and one of the biggest is climate change. We try to work together with India and help with climate change, renewable energy and similar projects, which also helps in working towards our own goals we promised at COP26 in Glasgow."