IIT-M Research Park, Saint-Gobain India sign MoU on renewable energy

Saint-Gobain and Indian Institute of Technology, Madras have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop a 100% renewable energy research park. The park will be developed by IIT Madras and Saint - Gobain will invest Rs 1Cr. over the next three years. The park will be for academic research purposes, but will serve as a model of renewable electricity generation in India.


The aim of this collaborative effort is to accelerate the growth towards renewable energy and low carbon emissions, by using alternative sources of energy generation. To create a successful model of an efficient sustainable energy generation system, along with establishing a robust energy storage system inside the IIT Madras campus itself.

IIT Madras Research Park, President professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala said, "We are committed to drive this transition towards Net-Zero energy in India and aim to showcase the IIT Madras Research Park campus as a model for other commercial building complexes in the country to adopt as they shift towards renewable energy-based systems."