India's Energy Landscape: Coal and Renewable Energy Statistics

Despite efforts to promote green energy, India remains heavily reliant on coal. In FY23, coal accounted for 77.01% of total energy production, representing a 14.7% rise. Imports increased steadily over a decade.


Coal reserves reached 361.41 billion tonnes, up 2.6% from FY23. The total renewable energy potential is 2,109,654 MW, with the majority coming from solar (7,48,990 MW) and wind (1,163,856 MW). Rajasthan has the largest potential, followed by Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka, which together have more than half.

Renewable capacity grew by 12.2% in FY23, especially in the North and Rajasthan. Grid-connected capacity totaled 1,25,160 MW, with solar accounting for 53.4%. Rajasthan led with 22,398 MW, followed by Gujarat.

Despite renewable growth, coal remains important, highlighting the need for more green energy development to reduce reliance on coal and increase sustainability.