India on top in green energy sector among developing countries

India has been the epicentre of climate preservation and environmental sustainability from time immemorial. A considerable body of folklore literature and practices aimed at adopting a holistic perspective of natural resources continue to serve as the stable basis upon which the mainstream narrative of Indian society is created.

Yet, there has recently been a renewed emphasis on climate protection. India's worldwide image has recently expanded its reach and clout, and the country presently holds the G20 presidency.

India is emerging as a model for countries throughout the world, particularly in terms of how economic progress and environmental protection may coexist. India has become the fastest-growing global economy in terms of renewable energy capacity addition, with over 100 gigatonnes installed by the end of 2021 and a goal of 500 gigatonnes by 2030. India now boasts the world's lowest cost for large-scale solar electricity, marking yet another amazing success in the country's long history of supply-side process innovation. India has the potential to lead the world in green energy, and in addition to creating green jobs, it will advance the cause of global good.

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