Italian glacier collapse amidst ongoing extreme heatwave killed 9

Amidst the record heatwave in Northern Italy, a huge chunk of the glacier collapsed in Dolomites mountain and killed nine hikers so far as per the officials. A huge part of the ice of about 3,300 metres fell off from the highest peak of the Marmolada mountain and caused the disastrous avalanche.


The authorities reported that the record high temperature in the northern region of Italy is behind this unfortunate event. The Director of the Bristol Glaciology Centre at the University of Bristol professor Jonathan Bamber talked to the Guardian and highlighted that due to the constant high temperature and heatwave in the region were the cause of the melting of the glacier at a rapid rate.

The researchers have reported that events of glacial detachments are very rare but the rising temperatures and the unusual dryness in the atmosphere in Italy pose a risk of more such events in future.

The Institute of Polar Sciences at Italy's Council for National Research told The Associated Press that from the available images of the collapse the size seems to be very big but the level of detachment is still being analyzed to conclude whether it is superficial or deep.