NCERT Removes Climate Change Related Topics Form School Syllabus

NCERT has cut down the syllabus of students from class 6 to 12 in order to decrease the course load on students because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Teachers Against the Climate Crisis, a group of teachers have accused NCERT of eliminating  portions from curriculum that were essential for learning about climate change, greenhouse effect, global warming and changing weather patterns. Changes include omission of  information about monsoon from the Class 9 curriculum, a chapter on weather, climate, and water from the Class 7 curriculum, as well as an entire chapter on the greenhouse effect from the Class 11 geography curriculum.

 Teacher’s association feels that students have suffered enough due to the COVID-19 pandemic and something as important as climate change should not be omitted from the syllabus. Getting to know about critical issues regarding weather patterns, climate change and government policies help students understand the problems that the world is facing. 

"It is bizarre that the NCERT has decided to drop related topics from school syllabi because that is where young people are first exposed to and develop an understanding of these issues," said Nagraj Adve, the founder member of TACC.