NexGen Energia Launches India's First Napier Grass-Compressed Biogas Plant

NexGen Energia, a leading renewable energy company, is preparing to open one of India's first compressed biogas (CBG) plants in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh. This innovative enterprise seeks to address trash management concerns while providing a renewable energy solution that promotes environmental sustainability.

(Nexgen energia)

The CBG facility, which uses Napier grass, represents a big step towards decreasing the country's carbon footprint and fulfilling expanding energy demands responsibly. Dr. Piyush Dwivedi, chairman of NexGen Energia, highlights the plant's link to climate change mitigation and India's green ambitions.

The plant's opening is projected to boost employment and economic growth, in line with the government's objective of encouraging sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. With 38 projects in the works, NexGen Energia is ready to transform India's energy sector by using Napier grass as a primary feedstock.

Nishant Tiwari, director of NexGen Energia, underlines the project's potential to transform the renewable energy landscape, encourage rural economies, and contribute to waste management solutions, all of which will help India achieve its net-zero emission targets.