PM praised the efforts of Pune’s MSR-Olive society for boosting the solar energy usage

While addressing the nation in the 99th edition of the Mann ki Baat, monthly radio programme, PM Modi hailed the efforts of Pune’s MSR-Olive society in boosting the use of solar energy.


Renewable energy is now being discussed all around the world. When I meet individuals from other countries, they usually comment on India's amazing accomplishments in this sector. "One such wonderful initiative has captured my attention in Pune, Maharashtra," he stated.

He highlighted that the residents of MSR-Olive Housing Society have chosen that they would henceforth run common utility items like drinking water, lifts, and lights in the society solely on solar energy. Everyone in society has solar panels installed. Every year, these solar panels create around 90 thousand kilowatt hours of power. This results in a monthly savings of around 40, 000 rupees. "All members of the Society benefit from these savings," he added