Solar Refrigerators helping MSMEs in rural India

Rural women are changing their economic game of their MSMEs with Solar refrigerators supplied by a Mumbai-based venture


In a remote town called Biswanathpur in Odisha, a family owning a small shop has set an example in environmental consciousness and sustainability. The small vegetable shop is located on the edge of the dense forests. Due to its remoteness and unpredictable weather conditions, power cuts are frequent, which does not suit fresh and perishable goods. To solve the problem, they got a solar refrigerator last year. They saw their savings increase and are now the only stores to sell fresh produce within 15km. 

A similar story comes from the Ghummar Farmer Producer Organization based in the Nana village of Pali district in Rajasthan. It is an organization of 948 women shareholders. The small collective sells partly processed regional fruits like ‘ber’, ‘Palash' and custard-apple. One of their main sellers is the pulp of custard apple pulp which is an important ingredient in the famous ‘Sitaphal’ flavor of the local desserts. Again, the high temperatures of the state posed a major challenge, and they arranged for eight solar refrigerators and a cold van. Since then, their production capacity has tripled. These solar refrigerators are designed by a Mumbai-based venture Devidayal Solar Solutions (DD Solar), established in 2015 by Tushar Devidayal. It caters to the needs of MSMEs and is environmentally conscious while doing it.

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