The UK is planning to establish a solar power plant in space

The United Kingdom is planning to install a beaming solar power station in space and aspires to establish a demonstrator in orbit by 2035. British aerospace manufacturer Airbus in collaboration with Cambridge University, satellite manufacturer SSTl and over 50 other tech organizations has joined the UK Space Energy Initiative which aims to establish the first solar power plant in space.


The announcement was made during the ‘Toward a Space Enabled Net-Zero Earth’ conference. The project’s chairman Martin Soltau mentioned that the technology required to develop a space-based solar power plant already exists; the challenge is the “scope and size” of such a project. 

It is expected that this project of beaming electricity from space using solar energy could help the UK efficiently achieve its net-zero target by 2050. During the conference, Soltau highlighted that they have established a 12-year development plan and want to establish a demonstrator power plant which could be assembled in space by robots. It could successfully harness the solar power from space and transfer it to earth by 2035.

"The study concluded that this is technically viable and doesn't require any breakthroughs in laws of physics, new materials, or component technology," Soltau said.