Latest Updates

  • PEHEL 2023: Campaign To Raise Plastic & E-Waste Awareness

    A campaign to raise awareness and collect plastic and e-waste called PEHEL 2023 is being launched by the Pune Municipal Corporation and social organizations. The program is a part of the yearly Sant Gadge Baba Jayanti Swachhta Week celebration.

  • Norway-India Focuses On Green Shipping & Renewable Energy

    A delegation from Norway led by Minister for Trade and Industries Jan Christian Vestre will arrive in India on Thursday, according to the Norwegian Ambassador to India, Hans Jacob Frydenlund. The delegation will discuss green shipping and renewable energy.

  • Effects of Climate Change and Global Warming on Assam Tea Farmers

    In Assam, tea planters believe that recent years have seen a negative impact from climate change and global warming. Climate has a significant impact on tea plantations. Assam's tea plantations have suffered in recent years as a result of climate change and global warming.

  • Global Aid Helps Turkey-Syria Earthquake Disaster Victims

    More bodies were found in the rubble of demolished buildings on Tuesday, bringing the overall death toll from a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and numerous aftershocks to more than 7,700. Thousands of injuries had also been reported in earthquake-stricken Turkey and Syria, where rescue teams were forced to sift through the rubble. Nations are rushing to provide aid; the first shipment of supplies from India has already arrived at an airport in the nearby city of Adana.

  • G20 Collaboration To Achieve Energy Security and Efficiency

    The G20 members who attended the first Energy Transitions Working Group (ETWG) meeting in Bengaluru made the decision to collaborate on priority projects to achieve energy security and diversify the supply chains of new energy sources, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Power on Sunday.

  • Perform, Achieve, and Trade (PAT) Scheme Intensification Plan

    Andhra Pradesh has been asked to make significant efforts to deepen the Perform, Achieve, and Trade (PAT) Scheme by identifying new energy-intensive industries and sectors for accelerated adoption of efficient and low-carbon technologies by the Union Ministry of Power-led Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

  • “Matraka” An E-Waste Mircale

    A 10-foot-tall statue made out of e-waste has been created by a Jaipur-based artist using over 250 PCs, 200 motherboards, cables, 15,000 rivets, and more than 9,000 screws. The "Matraka" monument, which was erected outside the Mall Road branch of the State Bank of India (SBI) in Kanpur, depicts a woman sitting on a 5-foot-high platform with her legs crossed and her hands folded.

  • IIT Roorkee Preparing To Combat Plastic & Electronic Waste

    The IIT Roorkee, a research group under the direction of Prof. K K Pant is working on e-waste Conversion to Valuable Products and Metal Recovery, which is a generation of wealth through a zero-waste discharge concept. Researchers at IIT Roorkee are developing eco-friendly ways to deal with plastic and electronic waste, the institute has announced.

  • Deadlock Over "Low Carbon" Hydrogen in the EU Transition

    In an effort to achieve carbon neutrality by the middle of the century, the European Union is pushing to increase the use of renewable energy, but this effort has been slowed down by a disagreement over hydrogen's role in the transition.

  • O2 Power To Provide Renewable Energy To STT GDC India

    ST Telemedia Global Data Centers India (STT GDC India) will purchase power from O2 Power, a subsidiary of O2 Energy SG, via open access in captive mode, according to the company's announcement. Using the electricity, the company will power its data centers in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The 201.1 MW wind-solar hybrid project in Karnataka by O2 Power will provide renewable energy.