Latest Updates

  • Pune Struggles with Worsening Air Pollution

    Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad residents are breathing polluted air! Over the past two days, air quality across these cities has plunged, with most areas exceeding the moderate level of 100 on the air quality index. Many people are facing problems like foggy mornings, eye irritation, and breathing difficulties.

  • From Green Talk to Green Walk: Microsoft's AI Boosts Sustainability Action

    Many companies have hopped on the sustainability bandwagon, pledging greener practices. But the gap between good intentions and real action remains wide. Microsoft's latest innovations in its Cloud for Sustainability platform aim to bridge that gap, using AI to power up progress.

  • Charting a Greener Future: Gujarat's Path to Sustainable Development

    Gujarat, a state synonymous with industrial growth, is charting a new course: one that balances economic progress with environmental stewardship.

  • Trees, a Reason Behind Sustainable Farms

    Forget manicured rows of crops! The future of agriculture might involve leafy companions: trees. This article explores a promising practice called agroforestry, where trees and crops share the same space, leading to more resilient and sustainable farms.

  • Amazon moving towards Sustainable Future through AI Practices

    While Amazon's vast operations raise sustainability concerns, they're also leveraging AI to tackle these challenges. Amazon is using AI as a key tool in its quest for a more sustainable future.

  • Melting Ice, Shrinking Diet: Polar Bears Face a Double Whammy from Climate Change

    A chilling reality unfolds for polar bears as climate change delivers a double blow: melting sea ice, their hunting ground, and a shrinking food source.

  • South India Braces for Early, Fierce Heatwave

    The combined effects of global warming and ongoing El Nino conditions in the equatorial Pacific are driving increased temperatures in numerous northern hemisphere regions, indicating the possibility of an early and severe heatwave. Rising temperatures have already been reported in parts of Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America, Europe, and Asia, with some places suffering heatwaves.

  • The Great Lakes: Facing a Future Without Ice?

    A chilling warning emerges for North America's iconic Great Lakes. According to scientists, climate change poses a grave threat to their winter ice cover, potentially leading to its permanent disappearance by the 2060s. This chilling prediction highlights the far-reaching consequences of rising global temperatures.

  • Global Report Warns of Extinction Threat to Migratory Species

    A newly released report, the first of its kind, reveals that 97% of migratory fish species are on the verge of extinction, raising alarming concerns. Overexploitation and habitat loss, primarily due to human activities, pose the greatest threats to all migratory species, according to the State of the World’s Migratory Species report

  • India Mandates New Renewable Energy Consumption Standards Starting April 2024

    Beginning April 1, 2024, India plans to impose new standards for distribution licensees to ensure that a specific amount of electricity consumption comes from renewable energy sources.