Kerala's School Wins Prestigious Award for Sustainable Practices

KV AFS Akkulam in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, has been recognized with the Green School Programme (GSP) award for its exemplary sustainable practices. The school has implemented a range of eco-friendly measures that set a benchmark in environmental education and sustainability.


One of the key initiatives is the school's commitment to sustainable transportation. By eliminating the use of diesel and petrol for school transport, they have significantly reduced their carbon footprint. Instead, the school promotes the use of bicycles and electric vehicles, encouraging students and staff to adopt greener commuting options.

The institution has also excelled in waste management. The school follows a strict recycling regime, ensuring that waste is properly segregated and disposed of. Organic waste is composted, contributing to the maintenance of the school’s lush green spaces. This practice not only manages waste effectively but also enriches the soil, promoting healthy plant growth.

Another highlight is the school’s use of solar energy. Solar panels have been installed to harness renewable energy, reducing dependence on non-renewable sources and lowering electricity costs. Nearly half of the campus is covered with green spaces, which not only beautify the surroundings but also provide a healthy learning environment.

The school's efforts in promoting sustainability extend beyond infrastructure. Environmental consciousness is deeply integrated into the curriculum, with students actively participating in various green initiatives. This holistic approach ensures that students are not only aware of environmental issues but are also equipped to contribute to sustainable solutions.

KV AFS Akkulam’s recognition with the GSP award underscores the importance of sustainable practices in education and sets an inspiring example for other institutions to follow. By integrating eco-friendly practices into everyday operations and education, the school is fostering a generation of environmentally responsible citizens.