Latest Updates

  • TCE To Receive Low-Carbon Hydrogen From Vertex

    An offtake agreement for the supply of more than 200 megawatts of low-carbon hydrogen has been signed by Vertex Hydrogen and Tata Chemicals Europe (TCE), according to a press release on January 26.

  • ‘G20’ Ideal Forum To Address Climate Change & Global Warming

    In her first address to the country on the eve of Republic Day, President Droupadi Murmu said the G20 is the ideal forum to discuss and find solutions to the

  • Climate Change Poses Threat To Punjab's Cotton & Maize Yields

    According to a recent study by agricultural economists and scientists at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Punjab's maize and cotton yields will decrease by 13% and 11%, respectively, as a result of climate change by 2050. About 12% of the nation's total cereal production is produced in Punjab.

  • Gujarat’s Tableau Theme “Clean-Green Energy Efficient” For Republic Day

    Gujarat's theme for the Republic Day parade tableau in New Delhi on January 26 will be "Clean-Green Energy-Efficient Gujarat," according to a formal announcement made on Sunday.

  • E-waste Management Experts Look For Effective Methods

    Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority and the Environment Protection Training and Research Institute (EPTRI), have estimated that Telangana produced 50,335.6 metric tons of electronic waste in the years 2021–2022, but only 42,297 metric tons of that amount were disposed of in a responsible manner (HMDA).

  • India Right Away Requires A Roadmap For Fair Policy Framework & Tax Incentives

    Energy security is now more critical than ever. Global priorities under heightened geopolitical tensions, climate change, and rising fossil fuel prices include expanding the production of renewable energy, diversifying energy sources, and boosting energy storage. In an effort to address these problems, the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) was held in November 2022.

  • Low-Carbon Initiatives Spending To Rise By $60 billion In 2023

    Rystad Energy research predicts that spending on low-carbon projects will increase by $60 billion this year, or 10% more than in 2022. Although infrastructure funding for hydrogen and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) will also see a considerable increase, wind energy advancements will be a key contributor to this rise. Cost-conscious developers are tightening their purse strings after two years of increasing costs, limiting the growth in total spending from prior years, which witnessed gains of 20% a year on average.

  • F-South Ward To Establish An E-Waste Facility In Mumbai's Sewri

    The F-South ward of the BMC will soon construct a 40 kg/hour e-waste processing facility in Sewri. This plant is likely the first of its kind in the city to serve the ward that includes Parel, Sewri, and Naigaum. According to an official, the ward produces about 0.5 metric tons of electronic waste every day. In accordance with the city's development plan, officials have decided to build the plant on a 2,000-square-foot portion of the plot on T J Road.

  • MoU For Knowledge Sharing About Carbon Trading Signed

    The Carbon Markets Association of India (CMAI) and the Association of Renewable Energy Agencies of States (AREAS) have inked an agreement to enhance information sharing about carbon trading and encourage the expansion of the Indian carbon market.

  • Godrej Chairman Reads Poem At Davos

    At the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, the chairman of the Indian company Godrej Industries Limited, Nadir Godrej, read a poem in place of a speech. With the line "It is no longer climate change inside an acceptable change, a crisis is what it's about with fires, floods, as well as drought," Godrej began a poem that lasted for more than six minutes.