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  • Ice growth plunges in Antarctica amidst blistering heatwaves

    Amid a summer of record heat, the consequences are far-reaching, even under the Antarctic night. In a place known for its vast sea ice halo, a dramatic and unprecedented event is unfolding. Scientists are witnessing the staggering impact as sea ice growth stalls, entering what they call "six sigma" territory - a rarity beyond comprehension.

  • Canadian Wildfire Smoke drifting into the US, deteriorating AQI

    Smoke from wildfires burning in Canada is drifting into the United States, causing air pollution and health concerns. The smoke is coming from several large wildfires that are burning in British Columbia and Alberta. The fires have been burning for weeks, and they have been fueled by hot, dry weather and strong winds.

  • "Climate Scientists Express Horror and Resentment as Global Heatwaves Unfold"

    Leading climate scientists share their deep sadness, horror, and resentment as devastating heatwaves grip much of the northern hemisphere. The record-breaking temperatures and extreme climate events align with scientists' projections, but they still find the ferocity of the impacts surprising and alarming. The experts warn that even a 1.2°C global warming increase is proving unsafe, and they emphasize the urgent need for collective action to combat climate change.

  • "Study Links Europe and US Heatwaves to Human-Induced Climate Change"

    A scientific study reveals that the heatwaves that struck Europe and the US in July would have been "virtually impossible" without the influence of human-induced climate change. The research also indicates that climate change made the heatwave in southern Europe 2.5°C hotter and increased the likelihood of the heatwave affecting parts of China by 50 times.

  • "Proposed Budget Cuts Threaten Water Projects in Ohio and Beyond"

    Proposed federal budget cuts to infrastructure and environmental programs could have severe consequences for communities in Ohio and other states. The House Appropriations Committee has put forward a bill that includes deep cuts to funding for clean water and drinking water projects through state revolving funds, posing a significant challenge to ensuring safe drinking water, replacing aging infrastructure, and addressing climate change impacts.

  • Madeira Island leading the renewable energy transition

    Madeira Island, a Portuguese archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, is known for its stunning scenery, mild climate, and delicious wine. But it is also becoming a leader in renewable energy.

  • "Accelerating Inclusive Climate Action: Towards a More Just and Equal Society"

    The article emphasizes the crucial link between climate action and building a more just and equal society. UN Climate Change Executive Secretary, Simon Stiell, highlights that achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement necessitates collective and sustained long-term efforts towards inclusive climate action. While some progress has been made, greater participation of youth, women, Indigenous Peoples, and local communities in decision-making for climate action remains a priority.

  • Eco-friendly flower show at Bangalore’s Lalbagh garden

    The Horticulture Department and various NGOs are joining hands to make the Independence Day flower show at Lalbagh a zero-waste event. They are committed to reducing waste generation and promoting responsible practices during the event.

  • Eco-friendly alternative to reduce plastic wrap developed from potatoes

    A new product called Great Wrap, which is a compostable alternative to plastic cling wrap. Great Wrap is made from waste potatoes, mixed with other biobased ingredients, such as used cooking oil and a starchy root vegetable called cassava. The material is said to be 100% home-compostable in under 180 days.

  • "Antarctic Sea Ice at Record Lows: A Sign of Accelerated Climate Change?"

    Alarm bells ring as Antarctic sea ice hits record lows for July, with an area around 10 times the size of the UK missing compared to the 1981-2010 average.