Latest Updates

  • First-ever case of microplastic in human blood recorded

    A study conducted by Dutch researchers from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University Medical Center has made an alarming revelation that 17 out of 22 random blood samples collected contained particles of microplastics.

  • Apple announces first-ever carbon-free aluminium iPhone

    Apple has announced the development of carbon-free aluminium used in manufacturing its latest iPhone SE 2022. The brand said the carbon-free aluminium used to develop the new smartphone series was produced using hydropower by Elysis– a Canada based smelting company.

  • India plans phasing out of tube lights by 2030

    To reduce the adverse effects of mercury and its aftereffects on the environment, India has planned to phase out the linear fluorescent tubes by 2030, a senior official from the Ministry of Environment said at Minamata Convention that is being held in Bali from March 21 to 25.

  • Cairo: Host of COP27 is Struggling with Poor Air Quality

    Egypt is set to host this year’s UN climate conference COP27, in November. Cairo– the capital of Egypt has constantly ranked low in air quality rankings. The PM 2.5 concentration in the air according to the WHO should not be more than 5 mg per meter cube, in Cairo it’s 72mg per meter cube according to Global Ambient Air Database.

  • Europe's Oil Market Fuels More Than 40% of Kremlin's Budget

    Svitlana Krakovska, who heads the applied climatology laboratory at Ukraine’s Hydrometeorological Institute, says fossil fuel dependency is the root of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Europe’s dependency on Russian oil has pumped enough money into Russia to reinforce its military. Money from oil and gas exports contributed 43% to the Kremlin’s budget, which is a large chunk.

  • EV sales in India touched the highest mark

    A report published by The Better India highlighted that electric vehicle sales in India have touched the highest mark ever. The report analyzed the number of electric vehicle registrations in the past year and found Uttar Pradesh to be on the top spot with 2,55,700 registrations.

  • Plastic waste blocked the largest hydropower dam in Congo

    The largest hydroelectric plant in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has been blocked by the plastic waste accumulated near the turbines.

  • Climate Change: Indian Ocean gets hit by 6 heatwaves

    Scientists studying climate have predicted that due to rising temperatures, intense sea events along the coastlines will be 100 folds more frequent.

  • Occidental to Remove 1 Million Ton of Carbon dioxide from the Atmosphere Every Year

    Investopedia defines ‘carbon credit’ as a permit that allows the owner to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. One credit permits the emission of one ton of carbon dioxide or the equivalent in other greenhouse gases. Occidental Petroleum has made public its plans to advance its clean energy transition business, it’ll spend $800 million and $1 billion on a carbon dioxide removing facility, it’ll suck carbon dioxide from air.

  • Making Concrete and Steel Greener

    Concrete is the second most used commodity in the world, water comes first. From skyscrapers, roads to bridges, concrete also has one of the most carbon-intensive manufacturing processes. It is made by heating limestone and melting it. Not only does heating emit lots of carbon dioxide, but the chemical process also releases a lot of carbon dioxide. Steel is also one of the most important modern materials which is responsible for lots of carbon emissions.