Latest Updates

  • Tata Steel is using bacterial technology for recycling its emissions

    The blast furnaces of Tata Steel in UK, are making use of billions of bacteria to for the conversion of its emissions into materials which can be recycled by other industries to make products that includes food-packaging to animal feed.

  • Russia-Ukraine war to impact food costs in India

    Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine is not looking to halt any time soon and the impacts of the war could be seen on the global economy. The constant rise in the global crude oil prices due to the disrupted supply chain has posed a serious threat to the food prices in India.

  • Mumbai becomes the first city to establish its net-zero roadmap

    The environment minister of Maharasthra Aaditya Thackrey announced that Mumbai aims to achieve a zero-carbon emission target by 2050 and released a detailed roadmap to achieve the same.

  • A simple coding shift could reduce Bitcoin energy consumption by 99%

    A campaign ‘Change the Code Not The Climate’, launched by several NGOs and coordinated by the climate activists organization Environmental Working Group highlighted that Bitcoin could reduce its energy consumption by 99% through a simple change in the coding pattern.

  • Kolkata Second Most Polluted Metro City in India

    Kolkata has ranked 2nd in the list of most polluted metro cities in India, it is the 60th most polluted in the world, in IQ Air’s World AIr Quality Report. The major pollutant is PM 2.5 which is also considered to have the worst effect on lungs since it cannot be filtered due to its small size, the concentration of PM 2.5 has been reported to be 12 times higher than what is considered safe by UN standards.

  • Extreme Rainfall Events are Becoming Difficult to Predict

    During the last few years the frequency of extreme rainfall events has been continuously increasing in India, the reason is not very clear, although many climate scientists have pointed towards global warming as the probable cause.

  • A huge chunk of ice as big as Delhi collapsed in Antarctica amidst a record heatwave

    The scientists studying the temperature of Antarctica has revealed alarming news that a huge shelf of ice called the Conger Ice Shelf which is located in the coldest region of Antarctica has collapsed amidst the record heatwave in the region.

  • India to ramp up food exports amidst Russia-Ukraine war crisis

    The ongoing tussle between Russia & Ukraine doesn't seem to be cooling down and the impacts of the same are being experienced globally. The increasing crude oil prices, environmental impacts such as air, ground and water pollution are the talking points currently. The food supply is also disrupted globally as both Russia and Ukraine are the world’s top wheat exporters.

  • India's Unique Path to Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

    India surprised everyone at the COP26 by putting a date on the carbon neutrality goal, although it is 20 years later than what the developed countries have set and 10 years more than China. It is justified, because during the last decade when the climate change initiatives started to gather momentum around the world, India was just making it into the list of large carbon emitters. American and European nations have had enough time to pump the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, establish cities with good infrastructure and pull their people out of poverty before starting out on this ambitious journey of cutting carbon.

  • The Russia - Ukraine Conflict will End in an Evnironmental Catastrophe

    The Russia–Ukraine conflict, apart from being a failure of diplomacy and a humanitarian crisis is also turning out to be an environmental disaster. It’ll pollute the air, water and soil of the cities that are affected and surrounding areas.